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What We Do For You

Space Management

You've got the space, let us help you keep it in order. Manage bed, meeting and event space with ease and precision. Never double-book again!

Time Saving Accuracy

With our clear and easy-to-use products, your team will be empowered towards timeliness and great customer service.

Online Registration

Increase productivity, security and accuracy with Seattle Tech's online registration software. No need to worry - let us lift that stress right off your shoulders.

Emergency-Induced Calm

In the hustle and bustle of conferencing, there is never a shortage of 'emergencies'. Our tools make even the biggest situation easy to manage by keeping your team in-the-know.

Soar to the Cloud

Who says you've go to "get your head out of the clouds"? Dream big with your live planning and registration data accessible anywhere, on any device.

Infinite Reporting Options

Whether mid-conference or end-of-year, we create the unique, customized reports that mean the most to your business.

We've Got Your Back

We've Got You

Our team is an extension of yours. We consult and train staff on-site or remotely, provide helpful online tutorials and offer live support whenever you need us. We put our best practices to work for you every single day!

We Love What We Do

Conference and Event Management is one of the most stressful jobs - no joke - but we love supporting our clients in doing what they love.

We've Done It Too

We have 70+ years of conference and event experience and work with 130+ universities across North America. Seattle Tech is constantly "in the know" and our software reflects that. We are so good at what we do because we've done what you do!