Iris Academy

Has your team undergone a change?  A new addition? Or just need a refresher?

Let Seattle Tech lighten your load and provide a weeklong live comprehensive training program* four times a year for your entire team. Iris Academy was designed to teach your team all the standard functionality that Iris has to offer where you would only need to fill in the gaps with university specific processes and integrations. 

For an annual fee, you will be saving thousands of dollars in personalized training while maintaining the level of service you are used to getting.

Value of 20 Hours of Training
$ 0 +
Value of 100 Hours of Training
$ 0

The Next Iris Academy Cohort Session is the Week of September 9 - 13, 2024

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Standard Iris Academy Months

For published Iris Academy dates, please view our Event Calendar.





30-Day Outlook for Iris Academy

Iris Academy

$ 875 Annually
  • Training on Iris Conference
  • 20 Hours Offered Quarterly
  • Available to Entire Team

Week at a Glance

Iris Coordinator – Sales and Contracting

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Iris Academy Overview, Training Objectives and Expectations
  • Navigating Iris and Standard Terms
  • CRM Functionality (Organizations and Contacts)
  • Activities
  • Creating Events, Sales Dashboard and Best Practices for Inquiries
  • Quoting for Events
  • Contracting and Document Storage
  • Getting Ready to Plan and Planning Dashboard

Iris Coordinator – Planning Your Event

  • Meal Planning and Dining Manager Module
  • Meeting Planning and Meeting Facilities Module
  • Space Planning and Rooming Lists
  • Planning Fields and Event Summary Reports
  • Introduction to Iris Front Desk

Iris Operations with Iris Front Desk, Iris Housekeeping & Public Safety

  • Iris Housekeeping Module
  • Event Check-Ins and Preparation
  • Operations Dashboards and On-site Management
  • Public Safety Module
  • Event Check-Outs
  • Data Accuracy and Impact on Rate Templates
  • Getting Ready to Bill and Billing Dashboard

Iris Coordinator – Billing and Statistics

  • Billing and Financial Reporting in Iris Coordinator
  • Event Closure and Reconciliation
  • Additional Tools and Annual Audit Topics

    Iris Registration – Overview and Store Items

    • Introduction to Iris Registration
    • Navigating Iris Registration
    • Form Types and Authentication Methods
    • Form Store Items, Events and Rates

    Iris Registration – Form Building

    • Basic Form Design to include Pages, Sections and Registration Fields
    • Finance Setup to include Payment Types, Discounts, and Payment Plans
    • Registration Styles and Landing Page Configuration
    • System Pages, Form Policies and Notifications
    • Form Testing and Launch

    Iris Registration – Registrant Management and Reporting

    • Managing Active Registration Forms and Registrants
    • Posting Payments, Financial Reporting and Reconciliation
    • Registration Reporting
    • Iris Registration Client Module
    • Syncing with Iris Coordinator and Front Desk

    Offered quarterly, this comprehensive live training program will provide flexibility to you and your team. For the best experience, we recommend that all attendees actively participate and attend all sessions. Should you be unable to, we will provide a minimally built test event for you to follow along. You can have peace of mind knowing that Iris Academy is just around the corner.

    Introducing Advanced Sessions of Iris Academy!

    We understand that you can’t fit all that Iris has to offer in one week, so we are taking our more comprehensive topics and moving them into Advanced Sessions. Join us during these 1 to 2 hour sessions so that we can explore further into the Iris Conference software.

    Topics Include
    Reconciliation in Iris Coordinator
    Event with Rates in Iris Registration
    Group Form Types in Iris Registration
    University Admin Boot Camp
    Reconciliation and Archiving in Iris Registration
    Send Confirmations and Communications
    Super Conditional Logic in Iris Registration

    Ready to Graduate? Get Certified.

    Unlock your full potential with Iris Academy’s professional development certification. Gain in-depth knowledge, master standard features, and boost your event operation’s efficiency. Elevate your skills to expert level, impress employers, and become a leader on campus by leading Iris training with students or campus partners. Invest in yourself and open doors to endless opportunities. Certify your success today!

    Iris Registration Certification

    $ 300
    • Proof of Knowledge of Iris Registration and Client Module

    Iris Coordinator + Front Desk Certification

    $ 300
    • Proof of Knowledge of Iris Coordinator
    • Proof of Knowledge of Iris Front Desk and Modules

    Iris Conference Certification

    $ 499
    • Proof of Knowledge of Iris Coordinator
    • Proof of Knowledge of Iris Front Desk and Modules
    • Proof of Knowledge of Iris Registration and Client Module

    * Iris Academy sessions are presented live and will not recorded.