Iris Coordinator

Taking Your Event From Inquiry to Invoice

All-in-One Software for Events

What Iris Coordinator Can Do For You

Built from 30+ years of higher education conference & event software knowledge, Iris Coordinator tracks your customers, contacts, and event business from inquiry to invoice. Keeping staff and stakeholders on the same page, Iris Coordinator streamlines internal and client communication though the event lifecycle.





Streamline tasks, manage projects effortlessly, and enhance collaboration with our cutting-edge platform. With user-friendly features and seamless integration, Iris Coordinator boosts efficiency and maximizes results. Experience real-time updates, intuitive scheduling, and smart data analytics, all in one powerful tool. Empower your team, optimize workflows, and stay ahead of the competition. Join the future of productivity with Iris Coordinator and unleash your business’s true potential. Try it now and witness the difference!

Iris provides customer relationship management tools (CRM).   Keep track of the Organizations and Contacts you work with, create tasks and reminders, and manage your communications in one place.

Iris provides dashboards for planning events, event operations, and billing.   Interactive calendars ensure you are always up-to-date with information you need for your day-to-day operations.

The Iris Sales Dashboard lets you create your own sales stages to track your sales process and expected revenue.

You can simply drag and drop events from one stage to another.

Iris tracks expected revenue based on quote data so you that you can quickly create expected revenue projections.

A visual sales pipeline makes it easy to keep on top of your sales process and helps identify what you need to do to get events contracted.

The Meeting Scheduler in Iris Coordinator lets you choose specific locations and space types.  Book space once or schedule recurring meetings.

The calendar displays each meeting with set-up and clean-up times and room configuration information.

Coordinators can easily plan through the line cafeteria style meals, change guarantee numbers and locations easily, and provide dining services staff accurate dining counts that are always up-to-date.

When the event is complete, add your actual dining totals so that event is billed appropriately based on guarantee or actual count for each meal period.   Billing for dining is automatically calculated and applied to invoices.

Coordinators can easily block beds for upcoming overnight events. Using dynamic filtering options to include dates, buildings, room types and styles, you can block exactly what you need. 

Coordinator provides unique scheduling views your team with a standard room list view and introducing our hierarchy view, you can block entire buildings, floors, and suites.

Event details planned in Iris Coordinator automatically flow to campus partners and event stakeholders like dining, housekeeping, facilities and public safety staff.

Campus partners access the information that Coordinators have planned via their own user interfaces.

Iris Modules for campus partners:

  • Iris Front Desk

  • Iris Housekeeping

  • Iris Public Safety

  • Iris Dining Manager

  • Iris Meeting Facilities

All of your billing needs have been centralized into one location in Iris Coordinator. Bill your Event, Subgroups or Participants with easy-to-use Group Bill functions that can process per-person charges, meal planning charges and meeting space charges.

How Iris Coordinator Can Benefit You

Cloud hosted and mobile friendly, Iris Coordinator provides real-time updates to campus partners about your events. This enables campus partners to work as an extension of your team. Efficiency is the core of this software as you can manage your day-to-day activities and provide great customer service to your client and campus partners.

  • Logistics Focused

    Coordinate with ease by blocking sleeping rooms in Space Planning, reserve meeting space in Meeting Planning, and schedule campus meals in Meal Planning.

  • Finances in Mind

    Create, send, and track quotes for upcoming events. Streamline the billing process with detailed invoices and flexible billing templates.

  • Track Your Progress

    With Activities, create and store business practices that reduce your training time and cost for new users. Pinned dates schedules long-term with your business in mind.

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