September 2023 Newsletter

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September 2023 Newsletter

Focus on Rebooking for 2024 Using Duplicate Event

How many of you have clients that come back to campus year after year?  Those repeat customers are valuable – they may form the base of your business, you likely have long standing relationships with those group leaders, and you also probably know a lot about the event itself (the event flow, the arrangements needed, their favorite meeting spaces, etc.). 

As you complete events and prepare to close them out from summer 2023, save yourself some time and use them to restart your sales pipeline and begin tracking them on your Sales Dashboard for 2024 by using the Duplicate Event functionality.  Duplicate Event is found on the event level within Iris Coordinator via the orange action caret.  Duplicate Event will create a copy of your event.  The fields and related data you are likely to use for next year, such as the planning fields, are duplicated.  Information like participants, transactions, etc. are not duplicated.  Since Planning Fields copy over when you duplicate your event, use them to your advantage and keep information there year to year to save yourself retyping all those intricate notes about your event. 

Next, edit the event copy you’ve created to update it for the new 2024 dates, Event Name, Organization, number of participants, and any other fields on the General, Information, or Additional Information tabs.  As a best practice, remember to reset your event status, since it will copy over with the last status that you had for the 2023 event.  This was probably something like “Confirmed”, “Paid in Full”, or “Complete and Closed”.  You will probably want to change it to something like “Not Confirmed”, “Pending”, or “Inquiry”.  

One last note to remember when you duplicate an event, you will need to manually add it back to your Sales Dashboard.  Do this by navigating to your Sales Dashboard and using the orange action caret to Add Event.  Begin typing the name of your event in the box and choose the Stage you wish to have it be added to (probably something like “Return Business” or “Inquiry”).  From there, you can begin to work your event through your sales process to re-contract the event for 2024!

Iris Academy's First Cohort

September saw our very first cohort come through Iris Academy.  Congratulations to the team members who attended September’s training representing The Catholic University of America, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, James Madison University, The University of the South, and William & Mary!

Our next session will be held December 4-8, 2023.  Learn more about Iris Academy and how it can benefit you and your team here!  Join Iris Academy using the link in the image below!

Attending ACUHO-I Business Operations Conference?

Join Mike Verkerk at the Seattle Tech booth from 8am – 1pm Eastern in the Exhibit Hall to discuss your software needs or to just say hi!  If you have colleagues at other universities looking for a software solution, introduce them to Mike on October 3 in Columbus, Ohio! 

Countdown to CP's Retirement

The countdown has begun, CP officially retires on December 31, 2023!

Are you already moved over to Iris Conference?  If you are now using Coordinator, Front Desk, and other Iris modules but are still going back to CP for any reason at all, we want to hear from you.  Please email and let us know what causes you to return to CP so we can make sure we have a plan to disconnect you from CP soon.

Not moved over to Iris yet?  We’d like to hear from you and assist.  Please email and let’s make a plan!

NACAS C3X 2023 Annual Conference & Expo

Where else in the world can you find Seattle Tech this fall?  Join us at NACAS in Toronto, Ontario! You’ll find Mike Verkerk and Mariellynn Maurer in the Expo Hall, at the Seattle Tech booth, November 6 and 7.  Stop by to ask software questions, say hello, and introduce us to your team and colleagues!

Introducing The Seattle Tech Summit

That’s right, we’re officially announcing Seattle Tech’s first ever customer success conference.  Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 9 and plan to join us for this virtual event. 

This 5-hour event will feature educational sessions, updates from Seattle Tech team members, and networking time.  More information will be coming soon and shared via our website here 

Have An Idea? Let Us Know!

Have an idea for a webinar or a topic you'd like to see featured? Email us and share your thoughts!


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