Seattle Tech is More Than Just Software

At Seattle Tech, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch, user-friendly software as our main offering. But that’s not all – exceptional client and customer service is ingrained in our DNA. Our team comprises skilled conference and event experts who go the extra mile to provide unparalleled assistance. From event planning and management to tailored solutions, we offer a multitude of services that guarantee seamless experiences for your team. Combining cutting-edge software with personalized service, we ensure your events are a resounding success. Trust us to be your reliable partner in achieving your goals and exceeding expectations.

Services Include:


When buying from Seattle Tech, we never leave you with the manual, our expert project managers work with you to ensure your implementation is a success.

Custom Integrations

Have a need to integrate campus systems and software with Iris? No worries, our development team can work with you and your IT team on campus to evaluate the specific needs and how best to deliver. Examples include Payment Gateways and Meal and Card integrations.


A Seattle Tech team member can work with you remotely or in-person to evaluate your current business practices and assist you with maximizing your ROI with Iris Conference.


New staff or need a refresher, Seattle Tech can provide personalized training for your team. You lead the discussion on what the training topics will be and we will deliver.

Report Services

Our level of customization in reporting is unmatched. View your data how you want or pick our brains to learn best practices to assist in moving your business forward. Every operation is different, and our reporting services help us celebrate you and your unique program.

Support Services

Who you gonna call? Seattle Tech Support, of course! Our team will work with you to trouble shoot any issues and evaluate any report or development needs.